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Technochips focuses on providing the highest quality in repair training by offering personalized one-on-one attention to each student. Our students are taught the latest and most efficient Phone, tablet and Computer repair techniques by our instructors who have over 20 years experience working in this field. Our state of the art training facility is equipped with the latest repair tools and peripherals to ensure our students build proper technical skills through hands-on practice. We are committed to each student is success and our priority is to ensure each student masters every repair technique by the completion of the course.


Mobile Phone and Tablet Repair Technician Private session 10 days
Mobile Phone and Tablet Repair Technician Corporate training 10 days
Mobile Phone and Tablet Repair Technician Advanced training 15 days
Computer (Desktop and laptop) Hardware Repair Technician 10 days
Computer (Desktop and laptop) Software Repair Technician 10 days

This is a special course type. The training will be provided face-to-face in Technochips. Course duration is 2 month. Training hours are flexible. Minimum training hours is 2 hours/day. Course dates: Start date is based on an initial discussion with students. Start dates are flexible. We will try to find the best time that suits you and our trainers.


To leverage Information Technology and the internet in providing superior mobile phone repair services as well mobile phone repair technician training to our esteemed learners.

Special Discount for Mobile Phone Accessories
Tools & Equipment Kit
Tools and equipment guide
Live support - you will have access to live support hotlines with Technochips


Module 1: (Basics)
Assembling & disassembling of different types of smart phones and Tablets.
Study of parts of smartphones and Tablets.
Testing of various parts with multi-meter.
Water Damaged Problems
Sudden Death Phone Fix
Power Section
Tools and Equipment

MODULE 2: Hardware Troubleshooting
Circuit Board / Motherboard Introduction.
Replacing of faulty parts.
Fault finding & troubleshooting.
Steps of repairing various hardware problems.
Advanced troubleshooting techniques.
Soldering techniques
Jumpring the circuit
All major models screen Replacement
All major models small parts Replacement

MODULE 3: Software Troubleshooting

Introduction of various software faults.
Flashing of various brands of smartphones.
Upgrading operating systems.
Formatting of virus affected handsets.
Unlocking of handsets through codes and software.
Troubleshooting settings faults.


How to open and manage your own mobile repair shop.
How to successfully work as a technician.
Where to procure tools, spare parts and accessories.
How to deal with customers and distributers.
Technical support guidance through us.
Various other technical support websites.


Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime. Course coordinator: